LifeGroup Questions: Applying the Teaching to Our Life

1. What has been your most significant takeaway from the series on Joseph?
2. What are the differences between our intentions and God’s intentions?
3. Read Hebrews 11:13. How long can you live by faith “expecting God” to bring good but not yet seeing it before you begin to doubt God’s sovereignty, intentions or goodness?
4. We learned in the sermon that faith is not a “passive resignation to a powerful deity” but an “expectant trust in a loving God.” Evaluating how you actually live your life, which definition do you tend to lean towards?
5. How does “expecting God” revolutionize our loving, praying and serving?
6. What will you do this week to demonstrate an “Expecting God” attitude?

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“Expecting God”
Genesis 50:20

Faith is “expecting God” when the unexpected happens.
“Expecting God” is an attitude of faith that believes:
God is sovereign over everything that exists.
God is good in everything He does.
God is accomplishing everything He intends.
“Expecting God” is an attitude of faith that trusts:
God will bring good out of your trials, disappointments and pain.
God will bring good out of your loving, praying and serving.

Core CHRISTlike Characteristic: Trustworthy Steward of God’s Resources/Living Surrendered