LifeGroup Questions:  Applying the Teaching to Our Life

Tell your group of a time when you were crazy thirsty.  How was your thirst slaked?

When did you realize that your thirst for other things was only a masked thirst for God?

What are some of the most common ways people try to satisfy their deep thirst?

Read v. 37-38.  How do you think you would have felt if, while at this festival celebrating how God provides all we need, you heard someone stand and shout what Jesus shouted in these verses?

Would you say that the flow of the Spirit in your life these days is clogged, slow or flowing freely?

Have the group share things they have done when they have sensed a slowing of the Holy Spirits’ move in their life.  Then pray for each other, that God’s Spirit would flow in and through each person in the group freely and powerfully.

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Jesus is ______________?


John 7:37-39

1. God made us to thirst so we would seek Him.

  Everyone thirsts for God, but most don’t realize it.

  All temptation is to satisfy our thirst somewhere else but God.

2. Jesus invites us to let Him satisfy our thirst.

  Come to Jesus.  Believe in Jesus.  Drink deeply of Jesus.

  Receive the Holy Spirit

3.  The Holy Spirit is life-giving water for our parched, dry soul.

  The Spirit pours into us the love of God.

  The Spirit pours into us to overflow to others.

Drink deeply so you can love well.

Core CHRISTlike Characteristic: Connected to God through the Word and Prayer/Loving God