LifeGroup Questions: Applying the Teaching to Our Life

1.     As a general rule, are you a person who loves questions or seeks to avoid them?
2.     What are the situations where you seek to avoid questions?
3.     Read John 1:35-39. As you do, imagine the setting and the tone of Jesus’ voice and the
look on Jesus’ face. Share with the group how you each saw it.
4.     What “Question of Challenge” is Jesus asking you (or has he been asking lately)?
5.     What questions do you have about making disciples?
6.     How would you answer this question at the deepest part of you: “what do you want?”

Core CHRISTlike Characteristic: Connected to God through the Word and Prayer/Loving

Decade of Discipleship: Building a Culture of Discipleship
“Discipleship Questions”
John 1:35-38

All growth and progress begins with questions.
1. Questions Jesus Asks
• Questions of reflection: invite us to ponder and explore.
• Questions of discovery: help us to think and learn.
• Questions of challenge: motivate us to decision and action.
2. Questions Disciples Ask
• Questions of reflection: What are you doing? Where are you going?
• Questions of discovery: What are you saying? What do you mean?
• Questions of challenge: Will I obey? Will I follow?
3. Questions Disciple-Makers Ask (before they get started)
• What are the qualifications for being a disciple-maker?
• What if they ask questions for which I don’t know the answer?
• How do I disciple someone?
• What are your favorite tools for discipling others?
1. Questions 2. The Bible 3. Next Step Survey
4. Disciple Journal 5. Discipleship Essentials workbook
4. Questions Disciple-Makers Ask (to get started)
• “What do you want?”
• “Would you like to join me in a DIG?”
• DIG Questions
• Workbook questions
All growth and progress continues with obedience.