LifeGroup Questions:  Applying the Teaching to Our Life

  1. What is something that you are seriously committed to? Describe your level of commitment through actions you take, money you spend, and thoughts you think about your area of commitment.
  2. If you feel hesitancy toward discipleship is it because of lack of motivation, lack of desire, feeling of inadequacy, feeling of frustration, or other?
  3. It seems like media is always screaming some sort of agenda. Make some observations about the subtle and sometimes not so subtle techniques that the media uses to teach you?  Are you aware of the teaching that is going on around you?
  4. When you hear the word “teach” or “teacher” what thoughts/feelings come to mind?  What is the source of those reactions?
  5. What is your go to defense mechanism when someone is correcting you? Run? Fight? Accept willingly? Accept begrudgingly? Shut down? Quietly grumble?
  6. Read Joshua 1:7-9. In this moment in Israel’s story, who was the teacher and who was the student?  How was that about to change?  What does this show is about our learning?
  7. Which area of the Discipleship Process do you feel God pushing you to focus on at this time? Do it!

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Disciple:  Jesus’ Plan for Discipleship
“Develop Understanding Through Classes”
Acts 4:13, Luke 19:48, Matthew 28:18-20

Jesus is the Master Teacher– We are Life Long Learners

Jesus Taught for Transformation– Our Teaching is Not About Information

Information < Knowledge < Understanding

Proximity to Jesus ≠ Transformation


Jesus Corrected the Dominant Thinking of the Day- Our Teaching is Centered on the Word of God through the Power of the Holy Spirit

RightNow Media

Loving God/Loving People/Living Surrendered 101s

Jesus Taught with Authority– Our Teaching is Vital to the Great Commission

Discipleship is About Becoming Like Christ

Becoming Like Christ is Not About You!

Disciples Follow Jesus!

CoreChristlike Characteristic: Loving God/Loving People/Living Surrendered