LifeGroup Questions: Applying the Teaching to Our Life
1. What was your favorite video game (or board game) growing up?
2. We all have conflicts we struggle to face. As honestly as you can, share one such conflict with the group.
3. Who is a person you would consider an “armor bearer” in your life? How have they helped your courage grow?
4. Jonathan refused to tell his father about his mission. Why is it important to eliminate telling certain people God’s plans for our lives?
5. What step is God asking you to take to come out of the cave and “show yourself” to the person or thing you are in conflict with?
6. In 1 Samuel 14:9 Jonathan sought a sign from God to show him how to proceed. What are some signs God has given you to help you move forward facing your conflicts?

Feel free to download the resources for this sermon:
Audio (MP3)

42 Days Without Fear
“Coming Out of the Cave”
Fear of Facing Conflict – 1 Samuel 14: 1-15

“Come, let’s go”

Courage is cancelled in the cave.
“Nothing can hinder the Lord from saving…”

Fear falls at Jesus feet.
“I am with you heart and soul”

Courage grows through connection
“Let them see us”

Courage demands vulnerability

Core CHRISTlike Characteristic: Spirit-Led Servant/Living Surrendered