LifeGroup Questions: Applying the Teaching to Our Life

(If you didn’t meet as a group last week, do questions 1-5. If you did meet last week, do Questions 6-9)

How much construction experience do you have? Indicate which phrase best describes you:
I stacked blocks or built lego projects as a kid
I built/made something for art class in school
I work/ed on a construction crew
I am an Architect or General Contractor
I built my own house
I built a business/organization

2. What are some other purposes churches pursue besides making disciples?

3. When you think about your role/mindset in the church, which phrase best captures your viewpoint: “attending church” or “making disciples”?

4. Which phrase best describes what stage of discipleship you are in:

I am a pre-disciple (not yet a Christian)
I am a Christian but am not serious about discipleship
I am a new disciple
I am a growing disciple
I am plateaued in my growth as a Christian.
I am discipling others
I am coaching others how to disciple others

5. Read Ephesians 4:15 in the NLT. Which of the “every ways” of that verse do you need to most grow in becoming more like Christ?  Pick one of the Core CHRISTlike Characteristics below and ask God to help you in growing and developing that Core CHRISTlike Characteristic at the beginning of this new year. What is an immediate next step you could take to help facilitate that growth?

Connected to God through the Word and Prayer
Heart of Worship
Relates with Other-Centered Love
Intentional Evangelism
Spirit-led Servant
Trustworthy Steward of God’s Resources

6. Read 1 Peter 2:4-5 and 1 Cor. 3:16-17. Both Peter and Paul refer to the Temple in Jerusalem, a towering incredible structure that was stunningly beautiful. What’s the most beautiful or tallest building you’ve ever been in? Describe it.

7. In both of the passages of Question 6, Peter and Paul use “you” to refer to individual Christians and the church. What is the significance of the fact that individual Christians are the “temple of the Holy Spirit” and that together we as the church are called the “temple of the Holy Spirit”?

8. Can you name each of the 5Bs? (If not, go to our church app to find them.) Which B are you in right now?

Has the love of God motivated you to call you out of your comfort zone and are you building a relationship with a pre-Christian?
Have you brought that person to church or a LifeGroup or some other event where they can experience the love of God through the gathering of other Jesus followers?
Are you helping the person you brought feel the love of God and are you surrounding other new people with the accepting, belonging love of God?
Have you shared the gospel with this person (using the Bridge to Life or other plan) so that may believe in Christ and surrender their life to him?
Are you becoming more like Christ through intentional steps of growth?

9. Where would you place yourself right now in the stages of spiritual growth? What do you need to do to go to the next stage? (WYNS?)

Beginning in Christ
Young in Christ
Maturing in Christ
Reproducing in Christ


Core CHRISTlike Characteristic: Trustworthy Steward of God’s Resources/Living Surrendered

Decade of Discipleship: Building a Discipleship Culture

“Built to Last: Part 2”

1 Cor. 3:10-15, Eph. 4:15 and 1 Peter 2:

Designing the Plan
Laying the Foundation
Coming to Christ
Becoming Like Christ
Creating the Structure
Becoming Like Christ
Finishing the Job

Stages of Growth

When you are growing as a disciple and making disciples, you are a part of something that is built to last.