LifeGroup Questions: Applying the Teaching to our Life

How did you answer the question in the sermon: “What would it take to make you stop following Jesus”?

Has there been a time in your life where you “stopped following Jesus” for a while? Describe it.

Of the 4 D’s mentioned under point 1, which one typically creates the biggest obstacle to your following Jesus?

How close are you following Jesus these days: I’m not, distant, getting closer, intimate?

Read v. 67. What do you think was the tone of Jesus’ voice as he said these words?

What do you need to “breathe into your life” right now from the Holy Spirit: forgiveness, power, love, strength, perseverance, something else?

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“All I Need”

John 6:63-71

1. Why people stop following Jesus

        a. Difficulty

        b. Disappointment

        c. Discouragement

        d. Doubt

2. How we start following Jesus

        a. God calls us, giving us the grace and faith to respond

        b. We respond to God’s grace by turning from our sin and trusting in him

        c. God responds to our faith, filling us with His Spirit

3. How we continue following Jesus

        a. Learn to Breathe God’s Spirit

        b. Regularly Feed on God’s Word (Hear, Believe, Absorb, Obey)

        c. Walk closely with God’s Son

Distance breeds disobedience

Closeness deepens connection

Until you press in and find Christ is enough, you’re always in danger of walking away, being lured away by slick packaging and deceitful, empty promises.

Core CHRISTlike Characteristic: Connected to God through the Word and Prayer/Loving God