Thank you for considering Church of the Open Door to share in one of life’s biggest adventures!

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS!   We are very excited about your upcoming wedding!   We’ve tried to anticipate some of your questions as you consider getting married at Open Door.  Let’s start with the basics:

What is a Christian marriage?

At Church of the Open Door, we perform Christian marriages as a wedding worship service at one of our Church locations. A Christian marriage and wedding service is an act of worship where two believers enter into holy matrimony to live together, surrendered to God, for a lifetime. Your wedding party, family, and guests bear witness to the vows you make and celebrate this once in a lifetime event. The pastors and staff at Church of the Open Door are honored to be part of this special day and will help you plan and prepare for your marriage and a lifetime of living surrendered to God together. Thank you for considering Open Door to be part of this sacred moment of your life!

“A Christian marriage and wedding service is an act of worship where two believers enter into holy matrimony to live together, surrendered to God, for a lifetime.”

What is pre‐marital counseling?

All marriages at Open Door include pre‐marital counseling sessions with an Open Door pastor. We require this important step so couples can explore and strengthen their relationship as they enter into marriage. Our pastors are trained to use the Prepare‐Enrich course because we share the same goal: “To Help You Build and Maintain A Happy Marriage!” Cost of materials is $35. Your wedding pastor will schedule 4‐6 sessions with you.

How to get started…

  • You will want to start two to six months before your wedding date by completing a Wedding Request Form below or contact call us at 440‐323‐4644.
  • Once your Wedding Request  has been received, we will contact you to schedule an initial meeting for you, your fiancé and a pastor.
  • After your initial meeting with the pastor and once we have received your deposit, your reservation can be approved based on availability.
  • With an approved reservation and deposit, our church wedding coordinator will contact you to begin planning the details and the wedding pastor will contact you to schedule your premarital counseling sessions.

What does the Wedding Coordinator do?

  • Our wedding coordinator acts as a liaison to church staff and services that we offer with every wedding.
  • They are your point of contact and will be with you through the planning and wedding day to help make sure everything goes smoothly.
  • Please note that our wedding coordinator is not responsible for booking vendors or decorating.

What are the fees?

For members and regular attenders of Church of the Open Door, the charge is $300. For non‐attenders, the charge is $500. These charges cover the cost of the wedding coordinator, audio technicians, and custodians. If you’d like to plan a cake reception there is an additional $200 fee. A $100 deposit is required upon approval of your wedding date. Once you begin working with the wedding coordinator, the deposit is non‐refundable.

What’s included?

The Officiating Pastor ‐ Your request for an officiating pastor will be considered based on availability. Our pastors will customize the ceremony to your individuality and preference as appropriate to a Christian worship ceremony.

Venues ‐ We have campuses in three locations: Elyria, Avon Lake, and Vermilion. Each one is unique. In Elyria, our Main Sanctuary comfortably seats up to 700. The nearby 800 Building has an intimate setting for up to 90 people. Our Avon Lake and Vermilion campuses each can comfortably accommodate up to 200 people.

The Audio Technician & Sound System ‐ He/she will provide microphones for musicians and instruments and run the sound system for your ceremony. A sound check on the day of your wedding will be available as well.

Receptions ‐ Our Cross Roads Cafés are available for a cake reception at each campus for an additional $200 fee. We recommend using an off‐site location if a dining / dancing reception is desired.



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