Critical Race Theory – Resources

Beginning places to start learning more about Critical Race Theory. There’s a ton more to read and to learn from, but here’s a start so you can frame the conversation.


  1. Fault Lines: The Social Justice Movement and Evangelicalism’s Looming Catastrophe by Voddie Baucham, Jr.
    This was just released this week, so I just started reading it and so far it is excellent. If the opening section on “Thoughts” is too much new information, start with his story in Chapter 1.
    Bauchman’s perspective as a black man is so valuable to this topic. This is not an abstract, theoretical discussion for him; he’s lived it.
  2. Confronting Justice without Compromising Truth by Thaddeus Williams
    The book I mentioned in the staff meeting.
  3. Why Social Justice is not Biblical Justice by Scott Allen
    A clear and helpful distinction between biblical justice and social justice plus a call for churches to be engaged with culture and to practice biblical justice.


  1. Christianity and Critical Theory – Part 1 – Neil Shenvi
    A video of this talk is available below
  2. Tim Keller’s Strong Warning Against Postmodern Critical Theory – Scott Allen
  3. A Dialogue On Racism And Christian Racial Reconciliation – Scott Allen


  1. Social Justice, Critical Theory, and Christianity: Are They Compatible? – Neil Shenvi
    The transcript of this talk is found above