Pierce Brown

Director of Worship – Elyria Campus

Pierce grew up here in Lorain County and attended Open Door for most of his life. He had played piano for most of my life and started leading worship for the youth ministry here when he was in 10th grade. Pierce felt God calling him to take responsibility for his generation and spend his life lavishing worship on Him and leading others to do the same. He attended Liberty University in 2008 and dug deep into music, ministry and the Lord. After graduating with a voice degree in Worship and Music, God called him back home to Open Door to help lead the worship ministry here.

Family is really important to Pierce, and he comes from a big one! He is the 4th of six children, an uncle to three little ones (so far), and he and his wife, Megan, have one son of their own named Ayden.

Pierce loves working at Open Door because of the inspiration that comes from working under such a visionary leader and because of the thrill of being a part of something that actually makes a difference.