Jim Mindling

Jim Mindling

Lead Pastor

Pastor Jim loves doing life with God and spending time with his family, crackling fires in the fireplace, teasing his family, laughing with friends, being outdoors, jogging, reading great books, writing, asking questions, playing guitar, eating ice cream, playing Scrabble, and playing basketball, though not all at the same time.

His primary responsibilities at Open Door are to cooperate with the Holy Spirit’s work in making him more like Christ, provide visionary, strategic and directional leadership, and insightfully and accurately teach God’s Word with passion and clarity.

He is married to a lovely, talented and creative woman, Andrea, who loves to be with people and help them get connected to God and to other people. Their kids are: Ryan (married to Andra), Caylie (married to Joshua), Christa, and Julianna, each of whom bring them great joy.

After graduating from seminary, Jim planted two churches and helped to revitalize another before coming to Open Door in 2003. He loves to learn which led him back to school, resulting in a Doctorate in Ministry from Asbury Theological Seminary in the Beeson School of Preaching and Leadership. His first book, Learn to Breathe: The Surprising Path to a Transformed Life teaches people how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit, who is working to make us more and more like Christ. Jim’s life story has been a journey in learning to love God, love people and live surrendered.