Brian Pachinger

Brian Pachinger

Avon Lake Campus Pastor

Brian is the Campus Pastor at the Avon Lake Campus. He has been on the Open Door staff since 2012 and has served as the Campus Pastor since 2017. Brian has given himself the title “Pastor of Adventure.”

Brian growing up in a moral family, attending church, but he didn’t come to surrender to Jesus until he was 21. He felt like God hit him over the head with a 2×4 while shoveling his driveway after an ice storm. Seeing the sunshine, making the trees glisten, God impressed on Brian’s heart, right there in the driveway, that he needed to seek forgiveness, surrender, and live his life for God. He began his journey, being discipled to be like Christ, knowing life would never be the same.

Brian has served in the church since coming to know Jesus, working at Providence Church in Avon, Ohio before coming to Open Door as a Middle School Youth Director, Youth Pastor, Pastoral Intern before becoming a Campus Pastor. Brian has A Bachelor of Arts in Religion from Cleveland State University and a Master of Divinity from Columbia International University.

Brian is married to Sara and has three children, Paige, Rebekah, and Caleb. Sara loves discipling women and connecting with people.

Brian loves being outdoors: hiking, exploring, traveling, backpacking, camping, and hunting. He likes to read, eat delicious food, and just got into running.