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Pastor Pedro “Tito” & Sugeyli Rosario

Pastor Pedro "Tito" & Sugeyli Rosario

Church of the Open Door
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

A wonderful relationship developed between Church of the Open Door and Pastor “Tito” Rosario in the Dominican Republic through our partnership with him in establishing our first international campus, Iglesia Communitaria Kefale, located in a suburb of the capital, Santo Domingo. Pastor Tito serves as our campus pastor and has welcomed many teams to work onsite at neighboring churches and at the Cure Hospital located in downtown Santa Domingo. We also send family short-term missions to work directly with Pastor Tito, his wife, Sugeyli, and the children in the community surrounding the church.

The first program in this neighborhood was focused on teaching English to the kids at Brisas which is about twenty minutes from the Open Door campus. Kids of all age groups attend the English classes at Brisas and are learning to speak and write in English, which will provide more opportunities for employment in the future. In addition to these classes, they are also providing vocational training on Saturday mornings.