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Jim & Faye Hocking

Jim & Faye Hocking

Water for Good
Central African Republic

Jim founded Water for Good to become a nonprofit that not only drills wells but does so relying on an all-local staff that provides regular well maintenance. The local staff builds relationships with communities and works with them to start projects that will prosper and empower the community long-term. When people have power over their well, they begin to assert that same power in their life choices; it’s transformative for a community.

Local Central Africans have drilled more than 680 new wells and are maintaining 1,000 water pumps in the Central African Republic. Over half a million people are drinking water from these wells every day. People are staying healthy, they’re able to generate more income, and they’re making a difference in their communities —for good.

Jim and Faye Hocking also have a radio ministry that reaches every person in the CAR. The nationals do not have access to the internet, so all the news from the outside world they receive is via radio. Through this ministry they share the Gospel, have Bible studies, inform them of world news, as well as leave the lines open for those who have questions.