LifeGroup FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about LifeGroups


Do I have to stay in the LifeGroup I’m assigned or can I try other ones?
You can definitely try a few groups until you feel comfortable. We recommend visiting one for a few weeks, but if you just don’t sense chemistry, that’s ok. Our leaders understand this. If you don’t connect, let us know and we’ll let you try a different group.

When I join a LifeGroup, am I committed forever?
No, it is ok to commit to a group for a season. In other cases, groups grown and have to multiply. While you will probably find yourself connecting with a group that you stay with long-term, you are always welcome to be a part of planting a new group.

When do LifeGroups meet?
Almost anytime! We put you in the group that matches your schedule, location, and stage of life best.

Can I join a group of people like me (age, life stage, interest)?
We have a lot of different groups. While every person and group is different, we do our best to put you with people that you will connect with.

How important are LifeGroups?
Very. It is one of two vital environments to our mission at Open Door (the other being Sunday Morning Worship Services).

Why do I need to join a LifeGroup? Couldn’t I do this on my own?
Leading people in the adventure of becoming like Christ involves relationships. While you can grow on your own, you are limited. Jesus led and ministered in groups. We recommend following His example.

What if I don’t connect with my LifeGroup? Could I change groups?
Sure! Sometimes you just don’t connect right away. Give it a chance, but if you don’t connect we can put you in a different group.

Do I have to buy a workbook?
No. The bulletin questions and your bible are all you need. If you don’t have a Bible, we can give you one.

What is a LifeGroup?
A LifeGroup is a relational environment where CHRISTlikeness is lived out.


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