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Aaron and Kim Schmitkons

Aaron and Kim SchmitkonsFor nearly 15 years, our feature family has been serving with Guest Services in one location: at the west side entrance of the Elyria campus. Shortly after they were married and moved back to Elyria, they started attending Open Door. Aaron is actually a lifetime member! Both Kim and Aaron didn’t mind the position of outside greeters. Let’s face it, Ohio weather can be unpredictable, but the Schmitkons’ are always up for the challenge. They just bundle up!

When they started their family, Georgia, now 13, was right in step with her parents serving out of her car seat and kept serving, now on her own teenage feet. Her younger brother, Lucas, rounds out this family that says, “we find great joy in serving,” Georgia and her mom baked muffins for the Coffee bar (and plan to come back when the coffee bar opens.)Aaron, Kim, Georgia, and Lucas Schmitkons

Aaron and Kim have modeled and taught their children a lifelong passion for Jesus, to be active and serve Him through the local church. The Christian principles they have learned at Open Door are evident in their home life: simplicity, family, lack of hurry and worry, loving God, and loving people well. They are one of the most peace-filled, caring, joyful families I know! If you see them on Facebook, you will notice they are always doing things as a family – raising pigs for 4-H, extracting their own honey, making apple butter, tending crops/fruit trees. People matter. And that is the message you receive when they greet you at the Elyria campus.

They also are a part of a great Life Group. Aaron is an engineer, and one of his hobbies is building things. One fast fact: he designed and constructed their home! Kim’s passion for her kids and extended family go a long way to making their house a home ready for any adventure.

I believe that the family that serves together builds a bond that doesn’t happen any other way. Thanks, Aaron, Kim, Georgia, and Lucas, for your consistent, faithful service!