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Weston Junker

Weston JunkerMy name is Weston Junker. I serve on and with the Guest Services team at Open Door. I came to Open Door with an older friend of mine that I met while I was in a drug treatment program. From day one of the treatment program, I wanted to do everything I could to make sure I didn’t go back to where I came from. So, I dug into as much as I could.

Weston JunkerWhen I came to Open Door, I immediately loved it and wanted to dig in there, too. I got acceptance from everyone there, even with me being open about my past drug addiction. I felt Jesus’ love from Pastor Jim and his wife, Andrea, and everyone else that I met there. I wanted to do more, so I asked my friend what it took to become a greeter with the Guest Services team. He said, “nothing, but just be committed to serving the church.” I found out that I would get training, and there was a flexible schedule to serve, which worked for my schedule.

So, I signed up and started as soon as I could. I immediately loved it! I started making friends with more than just the staff, but with everybody that went to Open Door. They looked at me not like somebody that was in drug rehab but as a member of their family! And that, to me, is the most precious thing about being on the Guest Services team at Open Door. I love this church and everyone there and all it’s done for me in my walk with Christ.