Get 2 Know You – February 2021

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Paul and Jennifer DoseckPaul and Jennifer Doseck

When I first met Paul and Jen Doseck, I felt such a warm connection to them. Paul had a fun sense of humor, and Jen followed his antics and plays on words. I instantly realized they are so personable! That was over ten years ago. In those years, they have made quite an impact here at Open Door. How would I describe them? Kind, reliable, wise, personable, adventurous, and “foodies.” (Some of their favorite restaurants are Dodie’s Dockside and 808 Shaved Ice). If Jen is there, chances are Paul is not far behind, whether that means sipping tea at Miss Molly’s Tea Room, taking in a Browns’ or Indians’ game, or participating in a Trunk or Treat event at the Elyria campus. They are all or nothing people; Jen’s Facebook reveals just how much being in a close community and inviting friends to church means to them.

Paul and Jennifer DoseckPaul and Jen have been married for over 15 years and are quick to say they are each other’s “best friend.” They both work at Murray Ridge Center, Paul with adults, and Jen with birth to 3-year-olds. They have two dogs, Milo and Max, who think they run the house. Disney enthusiasts, Paul and Jen spend a lot of time at Walt Disney World in Florida and other warm locations. Their favorite destination is Italy and Israel is on the travel wish list. Jen loves to plan the trip to a fun destination. Want to know about a good movie or musical? Ask Jen. Want to know his strategy for how he occasionally writes the Open Door Devotions? Ask Paul. Or you can always chat it up with Paul about his extensive Pete Rose and vintage Coca Cola collections. Want to see how living out a life of honor and commitment looks? Get to the Elyria auditorium on a Sunday at 9:00 am and watch them serve together.

Paul and Jennifer DoseckWhy did Paul and Jen start serving on the Guest Services team? “We both felt a call to step up and serve, and Guest Services felt like a good fit. We enjoy greeting the guests each week and serving alongside some great people.” By the way, you may see Paul on his phone when he serves. Why then? He’s reminding people he sees are missing on a Sunday that church is about to start, and he has their seat waiting for them. Wow! Now that’s someone who is taking guest focus to a higher level!

Thank you, Paul and Jen, for loving and leading well and for your faithfulness to serve God through your Guest Services, Church Board, and Tech team roles!