Get 2 Know You – December 2020

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Dave and Deb RinaldoDave and Deb Rinaldo

Dave Rinaldo and his wife, Debbie, are no strangers when it comes to relating to and talking with people. Dave has a sales and marketing business and has always been service-oriented. Deb taught science for 20 years and served on the prayer team. When Dave and Deb decided to jump on to the Host Team (now called Guest Services), it was a natural outflow of who they were – people who love people. As they discussed their time serving in Guest Services with me recently, they both were so complimentary of their teammates, and the family connection that they sense, the comradery on the team.

Dave moved into a leadership role fairly quickly as the assistant to the Service Coordinator, which he has now become. Dave’s style of leadership reflects the love of Christ and the excellence Jesus displayed all while caring for people. He is always so dependable and encouraging.

Deb is a natural when it comes to welcoming people and helping them feel right at home. Her willingness to “share Dave” and his gifting on Sundays was easy for her; they wanted to serve together and this gave them the chance to do so. She has come through physical trials and has used those experiences and knowledge to serve others in similar situations. What impressed me about Deb when I met her was that her first response to any situation is to pray about it, which has served her and the church body so well in many ways. She has modeled that when you give your cares to God, He will direct and lead you, and give you tremendous grace and peace.

Dave and Deb have enjoyed 18 years of marriage, 11 grandchildren and are avid travelers to enjoy the amazing family God has blessed them with. Thanks, Dave and Deb for leading and modeling Jesus so well!