These resources are tools to help you to understand and engage with scripture while you connect to God through your daily devotions.

Today’s Passage:

a. Summary of First Corinthians (video!)

b. Should You Earnestly Desire to Prophesy?

c. Towards a Definition of New Testament Prophecy

d. The Boundaries of the Gift of Tongues: With Implications for Cessationism and Continuationism

e. Men and women in the church

Suggested Resources for Bible Study:

a. Blue Letter Bible — an excellent online resource that allows you to easily study the Hebrew and

Greek words behind the English translation. The easy-to-use lexicon (dictionary) and

concordance (list of places where each word appears in Scripture) are especially useful, though

there is a plethora of helpful information here!

b. Scripture Engagement — Daily Devotions are about more than just learning about the Bible, they

are about engaging and connecting with the Living God! This page on Bible Gateway shares

different ways to open yourself up to the Bible in order to engage with God.

c. Net Bible — a resource created by scholars at Dallas Theological Seminary to help you study the

Bible in its original language. The footnotes provided here will give you information about

disputed interpretations of the Hebrew and Greek language, as well as notes on textual criticism.

d. Want to learn more about studying the Bible? Check out these books!

i. How to Read the Bible Book by Book: A Guided Tour

ii. How to Read the Bible For All Its Worth

iii. 40 Questions About Interpreting the Bible

iv. Understanding and Applying the Bible

More on Daily Devotions:

a. *Link to Jim’s article on how to study the Bible using the AAA method from the Disciple Journal*

b. Explore How to Read the Bible in these videos by The Bible Project

c. Check out this article on Christian meditation

d. Gather a Day’s Portion