Serve Our Schools FAQs

family fair

Frequently Asked Questions:


[toggle Title=”Where is Family Fair?”]These sites run simultaneously.  We have sites in Elyria, Avon Lake and Vermilion! Serve at the school nearest you!
1-3 pm  Eastern Heights Middle School 528 Garford Ave  (Enter from Prospect Ave)
1-3 pm  Northwood Middle School 700 Gulf Rd
1-3 pm  Boys and Girls Club of Elyria 1821 Middle Ave
1-3 pm  Learwood Middle School, 340 Lear Rd, Avon Lake
1-3 pm Sailorway Middle School, 5355 Sailorway Boulevard, Vermilion
1-3 pm Summit Academy, 2140 W. 36th Street, Lorain
[toggle Title=”Who does Family Fair?”]Family Fair is a ministry of Church of the Open Door.  However, anyone is welcome to serve with us![/toggle]
[toggle Title=”Why do you do this?”]Our mission at Open Door is leading people in the adventure of becoming like Christ, and He came as a Servant.  The better we know Christ, the more we want to serve.  We actually have a lot of fun doing this![/toggle]
[toggle Title=”Can I help if I don’t go to Church of the Open Door?”]Yes!  We’d love to have your help individually or as a church or business. [/toggle]
[toggle Title=”Can I help even if I don’t go to church at all?”]Absolutely! It will be great to have your help! [/toggle]
[toggle Title=”Do I have to have special skills to help?”]No, there are projects for everyone.  Most of our projects require no skills.  In fact, we even have projects for volunteers with limited mobility.  We do have a special need for licensed cosmetologists. [/toggle]
[toggle Title=”What time should volunteers arrive and leave?”]Volunteers should be prepared to arrive an hour early and stay after to maximize the event for the families we serve.  For example, my family is serving at Eastern Heights, we should arrive NO LATER than 12 pm and expect to stay until 4 pm to assist with clean up. Set up team is serving from 9 am to Noon. [/toggle]
[toggle Title=”Where should I serve?”]There are many ways to serve.  Here’s a few:
• Odd Jobs–From stuffing bags to delivering equipment, there is much to be done the week or two prior to this big event.
• Set Up-All the supplies are delivered the day before, but at 9 am we need help preparing for our volunteers and our guests.
• Backpacks–We have teams that sort and distribute the backpacks.
• Activities–We have new highly engaging games for kids to play over and over!
• Inflatable–We need friendly faces to protect our guests and help them have the most fun possible.
• Concession–Each site will have a different “special,” but we will have hot dogs, cookies, and drinks at each school.
• Greeter–This team will help greet people and guide them, as well as, assist with crowd control.
• Face Painting–You won’t need super skills, just a smile and a somewhat steady hand.
• Haircutting–Licensed cosmetologists donate their time to help our guests look their best![/toggle]
[toggle Title=”What should volunteers wear?”]We will be wearing our blue Serve shirts, which will be available Saturday, August 8th. Wear comfortable slacks and shoes![/toggle]
[toggle Title=”How can I get a backpack?”]Backpacks are available on first come, first served basis.  You must have one child present per bag requested.   We are happy to give your child a backpack for FREE.  If you can afford to support our project, any donation is appreciated. [/toggle]
[toggle Title=”Can I serve with Open Door other times of the year?”]Absolutely!  There are many opportunities to serve at Open Door and in the community.  Visit[/toggle]
[toggle Title=”How can I find out more about Church of the Open Door?”]The best way is to visit us on Sunday Morning.  We have six services to choose from starting at 8:30 am and 10:30 am at each of our campuses. You can look through this website for more information or check out our bi-monthly publication, The DOOR. Visit [/toggle]