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Why Classes?

In short: Because Jesus came teaching! We model our discipleship process after what we see in the life of Jesus, and He was a masterful teacher. Jesus understood that teaching is one important way to help His disciples become more and more like Him. Paul picks up on this theme in the book of Romans when he calls his audience to be “transformed by the renewing of your mind”—that is to say, become more like Jesus (be transformed) as you are exposed to the truth of who God is (through the renewing of your mind)! There are truths to be exposed to, skills and habits to develop, as well as attitudes and values to adopt as we seek to follow Jesus, to learn from Jesus, to become like Jesus. And that is exactly what we set our sights on in every one of the classes that we teach. Our hope is that Church of the Open Door will become not a people that are well read, or full of knowledge, but a that we will become a people who looks more and more like Jesus as we develop a deeper understanding of who He is, and how we can live as His disciples.

Foundations Classes


The heart behind the Foundations Classes is to help us as a church to become grounded once again in God’s Word, to return us to that firm foundation of the apostles and the prophets. This is not for the spiritual elite—knowing God is for everybody. All the Church is built on this foundation! In these eight classes, we want to help this church explore the story God is telling in the Bible, what the Bible teaches, how we can study it, and how we can engage with it in a way that helps us become more like Jesus.

All told, the course of study is 32 weeks of classes written right out of the life of our church. We’ve broken the teaching up into 4-week classes that dive into one topic at a time, but the hope is for us to work through the whole course of study as we set our feet firmly on the foundation of what God has revealed of Himself, and of the world, and of His people in His Word.

Meet Our Instructors

Clayton Wright

My name is Clayton Wright, and I’m a graduate of Taylor University’s college of Biblical Studies, Christian Ministries, and Philosophy with a heart for teaching, discipleship and the local church. After four years of studying and preparation, I earned a double major in Christian Ministries and Biblical Studies with a minor in Greek Studies, and the joy of my life (other than Joy, my wife!) has been to answer God’s call into full-time church ministry. During my college years, I enjoyed serving in the local church through drumming, preaching, and church planting, leading small group Bible studies, playing in a chapel band, studying abroad in Israel, and falling in love with my wife, Joy. I have deeply enjoyed studying, writing, and teaching people to love the God who loves them so much during my time at Church of the Open Door, and look forward to having you in class. With a God like ours, there’s so much to explore. Let’s keep learning together!

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