Dominican Republic Campus

Iglesia Communitaria Kefale

(Kefale Community Church)

A wonderful relationship developed between Church of the Open Door and Pastor “Tito” Rosario in the Dominican Republic through our partnership with him in establishing our first international campus, Iglesia Communitaria Kefale, located in a suburb of the capital, Santo Domingo. Pastor Tito serves as our campus pastor and has welcomed many teams to work onsite at neighboring churches and at the Cure Hospital located in the downtown Santa Domingo. We also send family short- term missions to work directly with Pastor Tito, his wife, and the children in the community surrounding the church.


Sundays @ 10am


(440) 323-4644

Dominican Republic Campus

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Meet our Dominican Republic Campus Pastor, Pedro “Tito” Rosario

Hi! I’m Pastor Pedro Rosario, better known as Pastor Tito. Iglesia Comunitaria Kefalé is right in the middle of a very unique community called Savica de Mendoza. Iglesia Comunitaria Kefalé is also serving as a Child Development Center called Las Brisas Proclama in a nearby community called Las Brisas. In this program, many children are seeing God’s love through a group of people who have decided to be the hands, eyes, ears, and feet of Jesus. As I always say, the Church is not behind the pulpit!


Pedro “Tito” Rosario