During this Freedom series, we have learned that God has given each of us specific gifts; like different parts of one body, we all have different roles to play. But there’s an “if” in our gift, and the “if” is whether or not we’re willing to embrace and use our gift. It’s essential that we don’t let fear control us and that we recognize that our gifts are needed. We can use them to serve others and to bring glory to God.

At Church of the Open Door, we offer many different opportunities to get involved. We recognize that too many options can sometimes be overwhelming, though, especially if you’re unsure of exactly what areas you’re gifted in and what you’re most passionate about. Because of this, we’ve created the Servant Profile Survey, a tool to help you figure out where to begin serving. It consists of a series of questions designed to help pinpoint your spiritual gifts and guide you toward service opportunities where those gifts will be best utilized.

No matter what abilities or skills you possess or don’t possess, your desire to serve can be channeled, and we can’t wait to help you figure out where you fit best! So, what are you waiting for?

To find a coach that can help you find your serving sweet spot, click HERE.
To access the Servant Profile Survey, click HERE.