A lifehack is any tip, tool, or skill that helps you get things done more efficiently and effectively, or that helps you be more successful in an area of your life. We could use some of those for our relationships, couldn’t we? Whether it’s a boyfriend or girlfriend, or just a friend, relationships can get messy and most of us will take all of the help we can get.

Relationship Lifehack #1: Forgiveness heals relationships; unforgiveness destroy them.

In Matthew 18:21-22, Jesus tells us that when someone hurts us, we must forgive them seventy times seven times, so basically every time. Why? Because God forgave us first, and for much worse. We don’t always remember what God has done for us because we’re so focused on our own hurt, which is why it’s so hard to pay that forgiveness forward.

But when we don’t forgive someone, it actually hurts us more than them in the long run. If we bury the anger and the hurt, it doesn’t go away, it just has time to rot and become more potent. That sort of unforgiveness, if left alone and not dealt with, will destroy a relationship every single time.

So, how exactly do we forgive? It starts with remembering how much God has forgiven us and then relinquishing our right to get even with whoever hurt us. Next, we have to release our hurt and respond to the other person with grace and mercy. And the final instruction? Repeat as necessary. Seventy times seven times or more.

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