What happened?

From August 11th-14th, Baton Rouge experienced unprecedented rainfall, resulting in flooding like the city had never seen before. In some places, water levels reached four feet or higher, leaving behind mud and debris that, even now over a month later, has not been cleaned up fully. An estimated 40,000 homes have been affected by the flooding, leaving many families completely displaced, and 13 people have been reported dead.

Imagine if this happened here in Lorain County, if it was us now sleeping on our friends’ and family’s couches or staying in hotels, and trying to process that we had just lost everything. Now, imagine that a month has passed and the situation has hardly improved; the cleanup and rebuilding feels like it’s barely begun. Everything is still so uncertain.

So, how can we help?

Church of the Open Door is teaming up with Steppin-Out Missions, one of our Supported Missions Partners, to help put lives back together in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Here are two ways you can get involved:

GO: Church of the Open Door is looking for men and women willing and able to travel Baton Rouge, Louisiana to help with the physical cleanup and rebuilding process. Through week long trips, we will be coming alongside Steppin-Out Missions to provide basic repairs, drywall and electrical installation, debris removal/cleanup, and much more. The cost of the trip will be $150 plus travel costs. Interested? Fill out the form below to receive more information. 

Fill out my online form.
 PRAY: Maybe your schedule doesn’t allow you to be away for a week or your skill set doesn’t quit fit the purpose of this trip. You can still help! At Church of the Open Door, we believe in the power of prayer and that God can bring healing and wholeness to any situation, even the current level of devastation in Baton Rouge. Join with us in praying for this community!