This is the most important question that we will ever be asked, and one that we can’t get away with not answering. Some people see Jesus as a magnificent historical figure, a captivating teacher even, but nothing more. Others won’t even give him that, calling him a false teacher and a liar. Still others go even one step further, calling him deranged and delusional.

So, what do we do with him? Let’s break it down. If he was simply a good teacher, why did he claim to be God? If that part isn’t true, then he’s not a very reliable teacher, is he? Good teachers don’t only tell the truth sometimes. So that’s choice #1: LIAR. But what if he genuinely believed that he was God? Maybe he didn’t mean to lie and was just a crazy person. That’s choice #2: LUNATIC. Or, here’s the last possibility: What if it’s all true? What if he really was God in human form? What if he really did come to “take away the sins of the world,” just like the Bible claims? That’s choice #3: LORD.

As Pastor Jim said this past Sunday, “understanding the teaching of Jesus creates a trilemma of judgment and a dilemma of decision.” Jesus is either a liar, a lunatic, or the Lord. Once we decide between those three choices, there’s still one decision left: what do we do with that? If he’s a liar or a lunatic, then we can just write him off. If he’s Lord though, everything changes. Either we live surrendered to him or we’re living in rebellion. Those are our only two options.

So, what will you do with Jesus?

Watch Pastor Jim’s sermon from this past week HERE.