I grew up at Open Door and when I was little, Wednesday night clubs were the highlight of my week. They surpassed Sundays by a long shot on the fun scale and I think on the learning scale, too. They were something I looked forward to and over fifteen years later, I have tons of memories and even still talk to some of my friends and leaders from that time.

Now, I’m on the other end of things as the Children’s Director at the Avon Lake Campus, helping to plan Wednesday Nights for a whole new generation of little ones. How do we make this as exciting now for these kids as it was for me when I was little? How do we keep up in a world that is forever speeding up? How do we embrace the digital age without sacrificing relationships and creativity?

We have a solution and it’s called KONNECT! Our new program for Wednesday nights is media-based, using fun, kid-friendly videos to drive home fundamental Biblical ideas and stories. At the same time, KONNECT is small group based, reinforcing that relationships are important and that talking with and listening to each other is a huge part of growing in our faith.

Curious  what this is going to look like? Check out this video!


KONNECT starts Wednesday, September 14th at all three Open Door locations. Come check it out! Register your child or sign up to volunteer HERE.