The Discipleship Test

“What to Do When You Feel Fear”

Matthew 14:22-34


When you feel the darkness of fear,

  • Surrounded by darkness
  • Tormented by anxiety
  • Suffocated by dread

Do not be afraid;

  • Fear distorts
  • Fear deceives
  • Fear dominates
  • Fear destroys

Focus on Jesus.

  • Jesus interrupts our fear.
  • Jesus sees
  • Jesus has come to you.
  • Jesus cares for you.
  • Jesus is with
  • Jesus invites you to trust
  • Jesus is more powerful than whatever you face:

Jesus makes the darkness tremble

Jesus calms the storm that rages

Jesus silences fear with his presence

Crises are tests to see if we will obey Jesus or succumb to fear.


LifeGroup Questions: Applying the Teaching to Our Life

  1. Start your group with people sharing about how they are doing during this coronavirus crisis.
  2. Have you felt any of the feelings described in the 3 phrases from point 1?
  3. Read Matthew 14:27. Allow Jesus’ words to speak to you right now.
  4. Review the subpoint phrases under point 3 (Focus on Jesus). Which one is most meaningful to you?
  5. Read Matthew 14:23. What does the thought that Jesus is praying for you in your crisis do for you?
  6. Can you remember a time where one or more of the four characteristics of fear from point 2 happened to you?
  7. Why does fear have a tendency to “come back” into our lives?
  8. Memorize Psalm 23:4b and/or Isa. 41:10a this week and try to find a way to use the verse to encourage someone else.

 Core CHRISTlike Characteristic: Connected to God through the Word and Prayer/Loving God