Parking Lot Fellowship Event! May 31st, 4-5PM

As a church we are very excited for our upcoming Fellowship gathering this Sunday the 31st from 4-5 PM in the parking lots of each of our campuses!  Fellowship is an essential part of ministry and we know after so long, we need some time together, but want to do so as safely as possible, while showing as much care for each other as possible.  Many of you have asked, “how do we do that”?  Well, I’ve recorded the video below to help answer some of those questions for Sunday’s event, as well as included more details below.  Take a few minutes to check it out, read the rest of the details, and we’ll see you Sunday afternoon!

What to know

What The Fellowship event is:

  • It is a time to see each other.
  • Have fun seeing each other. Fellowship is biblical. (Acts 2:42)
  • It is a time to put social distancing into practice, that will help us to be ready for eventual Sunday morning gatherings at our campuses

What The Fellowship event is not:

  • It is not a service.  There will be no message, teaching or preaching time
  • It is not a worship event.  There is no formal worship nor music
  • It is not a picnic or “Pigtoberfest”.  No food or drinks will be provided

Crucial details:

  • Restrooms (only) are open from 4-5 PM, but otherwise our buildings are closed and we are asking that you do not gather nor meet in the buildings
  • Per OH Health recommendations, you may wear a mask or face covering if you desire, but they are not required.  We DO ASK that you honor and respect each other’s choices. 
  • Social distancing is a must for all.  This means at least 6 feet of space especially during conversations.  
  • When you arrive, you will be directed where to park.  This is not a “drive-in”, so you will park in one area and then at each campus move to an open space for fellowship.  This will keep the gathering area safe and separate from moving vehicles.  
  • You may come and go as you please, since there is no formal program. 
  • Because Elyria has multiple parking areas, below is a map of Elyria Campus location only for reference